Sukkah Sojourn Top 10s


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The sabbatical year is drawing to a close.  It has been a great experience for us with great heights and a deep valley.

 For family, friends and my new internet friends, I was so glad you were along for the journey.  You enriched and encouraged me.

 Before Sukkah Sojourn disappears into the internet ether world, I wanted to share two sets of lists:  Your favorite blog entries and mine!

Your Top 10 Likes:

  • A Mother and Her Pups -17
  • A Heart for Me -13
  • Easiest Hike Ever -12
  • Wind Cave Trail -11
  • Our Castle Monolith -10 with 2 posted comments
  • Rachel Meets Rocket – 10
  • Rescuing the Washed-Out -10
  • Hiking with the ATV’s -10
  • Siphon Draw –Full View -10
  • Waking Up -10
  • As I look at the list, it brings back some fond memories!


My Top 10  – In no particular order

  • The Arrival of Chesed
  • Chesed Discovers Ice Cubes
  • Rachel’s New Friends
  • Rachel Meets Rocket
  • Siphon Draw!
  • Walking Among the Giants of Deception Pass
  • Dry Conditions
  • Ode for Harry
  • The Hiker
  • Snow on the Superstitions

Some of these blog entries are from the early part of the journey.  If you haven’t viewed them yet, check them out before they are gone.

 I wish for all of you great blessings and goodness in your lives.  Thanks for being a blessing in mine.